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    You've got it sussed.
    Welcome to the home of deliciously healthy foods
    for your heart. Sussed is a small food producer with
    a giant goal. Everything we do is for the goodness of
    your heart.
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If you’re looking for healthy heart oils to cook
with or healthy heart snack bars to stay
fit with…you’ve got it sussed.

Discover the Healthiest oils for your heart.

Sussed Healthy Heart Oils are the only oils fully endorsed by My Nutrition Ireland. Our oils are certified to both Cold Pressed and Extra Virgin Standards, ensuring all the good omegas and vitamins are passed on to you.

Sussed Healthy Heart Oils
2 Cal Spray

2 Good Calories, 1 Quick Spray.

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Sussed Healthy Heart Oils
Healthy Heart

Half the saturated fat of olive oil with the goodness of vitamin E & Omegas - You've got it sussed!

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Sussed Healthy Heart Oils
Healthy Heart Plus

If you're looking for the healthiest cooking oil available - You've got it sussed!

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Healthy recipes for a
healthy heart.

Good food starts with great ingredients. From Sesame-Orange Prawns to Pesto and Parmesan Chicken and Chocolate-Courgette Cake, your taste buds and your heart will thank you for serving up these delicious creations.

Sussed Healthy Heart Oils

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