Poached Salmon & Mussels in White Wine

Sussed Healthy Heart Oils

PREP Time: 10 MINS | Total time: 30 MINS | SERVES 4


• 1 Tbsp Healthy Heart Rapeseed Oil
• 6 Salmon Darnes
• Salt and Pepper
• 3 / 4 Sprigs of Dill
• 10 Mussels
• Splash of Oyster Sauce
• ½ Cup Dry White Wine
• 1 Lemon in wedges


Start by layering sliced lemons and fresh herbs on the bottom of the dish. Add lightly seasoned salmon fillets on top, add the Healthy Heart Rapeseed Oil, the wine, mussels, salt and pepper and oyster sauce and then cover with foil. After about 20 minutes, the salmon will be perfectly cooked, moist, and delicious.

The trick to perfectly cooked salmon is to gently bake the fish in a little liquid such as wine, stock, or water. Then cover the dish and bake until just cooked through.

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